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Named after the many Schroyers buried in the area, this cemetery is known for its famous statue of a little boy with hair. There are ghosts beyond the graves of lost travelers, soldiers killed and the dead of the civil war. This is the final resting place of living students, promises Pi Kappa Phi, who is angry, the last patient to die in the former K - State Hospital. Don't disturb a former librarian who is constantly being discovered and heard, otherwise it won't bother you.

Hog Venison serves smoked hot links, pulled pork and pulled chicken, as well as pork ribs, ribs and pork chops. Garnishes are limited to baked beans, mashed potatoes or stuffed potatoes, corn bread and a variety of other garnishes. This is a family-owned dairy farm of the Amish, which sells a wide range of dairy products such as milk, eggs, cheese, milk and dairy products.

There are hamburgers from the R & B stand and the large "Mexican buffet" costs just $8.49 for lunch or dinner. Grandstand events require additional tickets, ranging from a few dollars for motorsports to 15-30 dollars for musical performers.

The staff of China Star did a good job and everyone was happy with the food and the service. There are 19 parties, so visit Anchor Tavern for parties of 18 or more or China Star for parties of 20 or more.

Not my favourite barbecue in Hutchinson, Hog Wild has been behaving like this since it opened in 1949 and is open every day from 11am-8pm. Skaets Steak Shop is the only restaurant I last visited in March 2019 and is open at weekends, day and night.

Mexican chorizo topped with a large T-bone steak and served with beans and rice, beed it all. The steak doesn't have to be hard, but it's definitely worth a visit, even if the steak isn't quite as hard as I'm used to.

The red brick Romanesque Renaissance church was designed by Emanuel L. Masqueray and has a total cost of $51,000, which includes a $1.5 million renovation and $2.1 million in renovations. It was completed in 1884, just a few years after the original church was demolished in the same place.

Where Ben Blanchard found salt in 1887 that helped develop Hutchinson. The fountain has a small structure around it, and the open fountain head can be seen clearly from above. It includes an open-air fountain house, a large salt and water tank and a fountain house.

Next to the office, the Dillon Nature Centre Visitor Centre houses a nature exhibition. The free gallery includes a changing program of exhibits and a film memorabilia shop in the cave, which is available for purchase. On my last visit to the Reno County Museum, I took up an exhibition on mining that can still be seen there today.

The Reno County Museum houses a variety of exhibits on the history of mining in Hutchinson, from the early days of the mining industry to the present day.

When exploring Hutchinson, do not walk too far off the beaten track, or you risk encountering half a ghost, Half monster who kidnaps victim, drags her into a hut and grinds her into hamburger meat. If you nod off from everything we've just mentioned, check out these eight spooky places in Kansas that will certainly scare you on Halloween night. This rugged old building, which houses a shop, is unguarded, except for a cash register and an honor system where you make your own change.

The Hutchinson Zoo, which has about 160 animals, is about 45 minutes away, which you can do with the Prairie Thunder Railroad. If you do, you can also see it from the top of the hill and admire the prairie birds. As we continue to offer destinations that make our state wonderful, please take the right precautions and add them to your bucket list to see them at a later date.

The Anchor Inn is a small, family-run hotel that fills the space I visited in April 2018, which used to be the home of the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, Kansas. The Carriage Ride restaurant is the only restaurant in this tiny southeastern community where many residents of all denominations live. Besides the usual things you would expect, such as food trucks and stands with a large selection of articles, the trade fair has behaved well.

Last seen in March 2019, Dutch Kitchen Restaurant is an Amish-inspired restaurant in Hutchinson, Kansas. Dutch cuisine is known for its chicken - fried steak, hand-breaded fried chicken and scratch - mashed potatoes, bread and cakes.

Hog's Wild Pit Bar & BQ is one of the most popular barbecue restaurants in Hutchinson, Kansas, and a favorite destination for barbecue lovers. Roy's Hickory Pit B BBQ is a small, family-run restaurant that has been in operation in Hutchins, Kansas, since 1982.

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