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The Reno County Museum is running a free frosting program and sprinkling free sugar cookies that are decorated for Christmas cookies until supplies run out. The gloves will be on sale at the museum on Saturday, December 5, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Ted Service Sinclair Station was once a pharmacy that became a pharmacy in the 1970s, but now it is a grocery store. Harley Bicycles (629 North Main) shows what they've been doing for many years, and there's usually a free buggy ride. More information and pictures on her Facebook page for more information about her events. Among other adventures around the Christmas parade, there are stories of dinosaurs, silencers and a man with a head.

The following year, in 1958, the Nationals moved to the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, Ks. Despite some flashy young drivers from Tulsa, Kansas dominated the event for the first 14 years. Merrick was the youngest driver in U.S. Nationals history at the time and the only Kansas driver in the race.

The district is roughly bordered by East Sherman Avenue, Pershing Street and West Sherman Street. And it has a cool star on the main building. Santa is due to arrive for the first time on Christmas Day, December 1, at 10.30am, and EastEnders has added music and synchronised Christmas trees. It borders the old Kansas State Fairgrounds and the new Hutchinson State Park and uses the style of wreaths and bells.

Toney's Willowbrook Area is decorated with colorful lights in the shape of a Christmas tree, with a red, white and blue star at the top and a white star at the bottom.

From my house on the east side of Justice, I see a dense little Christmas oasis just over a kilometre away. The radio is set to 89.7 FM, and you can see it all the way to the southern end of town, just a few blocks from my house.

When you cruise north of Lorraine, you will see the colour of the Christmas trees changing and an electronic sign saying "Merry Christmas." If you go west from 30th and Monroe Streets, look north and you see a pond on 17th Ave is reflected in the gazebo of the house. Look north, go south from the same place, go east from 29th Street and see another pond, this time on the west side, which reflects the pond and the pavilions. You will find a colorful house at 3001 North Monroe, with a Christmas tree, a tree house and a house with Christmas lights.

Southwest Bricktown is a neighborhood that surrounds Avenue A School, and East Sherman added two impressive angels in 2017. The Woodlands is the name of the neighborhood on the east side of West Main Street, north of East Main.

Hutchinson Community College has a "Merry Christmas" sign and star in Lockman Hall, and the lights are red and green on the north side of the building and on the south side.

Fred Marciano's home, 455 Justice, had a big impact in recent years, but he died in 2009. Here is a video taken in 2013 after it snowed, of a display that looks exactly the same today, except for a sailboat that has not been used for years and a roller coaster that has been permanently taken out of service. Dale built most of it over a period of twenty years, when his wife Elizabeth Betty was still alive. The animated lightweight design with its original animatronics returns in 2017.

Although I have very little time in Hutchinson, the one Christmas page I have seen is probably the most unique. I don't think it's the display on Circle Drive in Plum that looks like an island of colour and light in relative darkness. Prairie Hills is one of my favorite places for Christmas throughout Kansas State, and I'm a big fan of it, as I am of many other places.

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