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School is almost over for summer, and that's when we get to the time of year when we do our favorite things in Hutchinson, Kansas, looking for fun activities the whole family can enjoy. To discover the best things in and around Hutchinson Kansas, gather your family, get in your Jeep or Grand Cherokee and visit the attractions that catch your eye.

There are a number of clean museums in Kansas, and visitors to the greater Hutchinson area can easily spend a day exploring what the Smithsonian affiliated museums have to offer. There is much to see and do in the city, but two of Hutchinson's museums are certainly worth your time. It is not difficult to keep busy during Hutchinson's travels, as there is a lot to see and do in the city.

Families with children will certainly be thinking about adding a trip to the zoo to their Hutchinson holiday, especially as admission is free. If you have a car and take time off from work, a side trip is never a bad idea, and you don't have to include it in your visit to Hutchinson, Kansas. I like the Dillon Nature Center as it is something I would like to visit on my travels to Hutchins Kansas, but if you don't have time for it, it's worth a visit. If you want to spend time outdoors in Hutchinson, prepare for the Dillon Nature Center.

Hutchinson Zoo has about 160 animals and it takes about 45 minutes to see and record the animals after the ride on the Prairie Thunder Railroad. Open all year round - and admission to Hutchins Zoo It is free of charge, so you can get to know all 160 species in just a few minutes at one place.

There is always something to do in Hutchinson and there will be plenty to see and do during your Hutchinson visit. If you want to enjoy all the attractions Wichita has to offer, you can take a side trip to Wichita. Some of these attractions attract tourists to the area, so detours are welcome if you are thinking of exploring the area. Whenever the weather is nice, it is something to consider to visit one of the golf courses in our area or one of the parks. Our Hutchinson itineraries include the Kansas State Fair, but there's something for everyone - from the Hutchinson Museum of Natural History, Wichita State Museum and Hutchins Zoo.

We guarantee you will find plenty of fun when you visit Hutchinson and maybe even somewhere outside the state. When the Kansas State Fair is in full swing, you won't be short of activities in Hutchinson, Kansas, especially if you're visiting when it's running. Buhler and Newton are located just a few miles south of Hutchinson in the town of Newton, KS, just outside Wichita.

Visit Hutchinson Zoo, where you can catch the historic train that children and adults alike love to ride. There are also a number of fun attractions, including the Dinosaur Trench exhibition, where children can discover dinosaur fossils. Our last visit to the Reno County Museum included this exhibition, and it is one of Hutchinson's most popular attractions.

Our last stop during our 6 weeks in Kansas was Hutchinson, Kansas, a town in the center of the state, about an hour northwest of Wichita. The Kansas State Fair is the city's main attraction, but it's not the only reason to visit Hutchinson.

As the largest city in Kansas, Hutchinson has downtown shops and art galleries to help you fill your time with plenty of activities. Whether you are in town for the National Fair or planning a visit to this vibrant small town, there are plenty of comfortable, relaxing hotel stays and a wide range of fun things to do during your Hutchinson vacation. Kansas has not only good museums, but also a good zoo, and you will find one of the best zoos in Hutchinson. Hutchinson Zoo is home to mostly Kansas and United States native animals, but also exotic animals, including tamarin monkeys.

Hutchinson is also home to sand dunes, grasslands, wetlands and forests to explore, as well as hiking and jogging trails and a variety of other outdoor activities.

The attraction is on the small side, but it is probably the only place where you can visit such extremes. Viewing the world from this location is one of the best views Kansas has to offer, and it is probably worth the trip.

Open all year round and free admission, Hutchinson Zoo is a great place for families who want to spend an afternoon together. This state-of-the-art science museum is also open year-round and is one of the most popular attractions throughout the state of Kansas. The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center offers fantastic exhibits on space exploration, and offers a variety of camps, mostly campers, as well as a variety of other activities. It is truly a unique experience for people living in Kansas and surrounding states.

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