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In December 2010, Siemens Energy, Inc. announced a media competition (excluding photography) to coincide with the opening of its new plant in Wichita, Ks. I have also occasionally worked with Art Effects LLC of Wichita, Ky., to select churches for restoration projects, and have studied with many of the country's master decorators. Art is taught by Naomi Ullum And I teach painting classes at Kansas State University College of Art and Design in Hutchinson, Kansas.

In my studio I regularly produce a variety of artistic works, such as the design and creation of large-scale painted and fired glass projects as well as large-format murals, to name just a few. Every summer, I offer internships and hire both graduates and current students to create additional large murals that can be seen in the lobby of Kansas State University College of Art and Design.

A mural off the beaten path is a work of art by Marte Crow, created for the Bookends bookstore's apartment on the main street. Crow is an accomplished artist who studied classical art and teaches painting at Hutchinson Art Center. She received numerous awards for her oil portrait of her father, "Kansas Farmer," and received the Kansas State University College of Art and Design Art Award.

On South Main Street, you can see a three-piece mural of Bookends Bookstore, a popular local bookstore in Hutchinson. The most recent mural was created by Marte Crow, an artist from Kansas State University's College of Art and Design Art Award.

The mural was created by participants in a mural workshop, and the public is also invited to paint over it. Roy Swanson is an artist from Kansas State University's College of Art and Design Art Award, which was presented here during the Union renovation. The artist is Jesse Kuhs And he is a graduate of the KSU School of Arts and Sciences and a former student of Crow's.

Sam owned a J.I. Case engine, which served as a model for the one shown in the picture. This special Case tractor was used in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to thresh wheat in summer and autumn and to operate a sawmill in winter. It is still in use today and belongs to an Amish family in Yoder, Kansas, as part of their wheat shipment operation.

Pat raised her six children and brought her skills as a member of the Boy Scout groups, Boy Scout troups and Boy Scout troopers to the Boy Scout Cave.

In 1949 she married Charles William Potucek Jr. and continued her studies of art at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. She and her husband followed her to Garden City, Texas, where she was president of the Southwest Kansas Art Association for a time. For the past 12 years, Ms. Ullum has had the honor of serving on both the Kansas City Art Society and the West Kansas Arts Council. Ida Raths "Carrot Gold" earned her a bronze medal at the World Art Fair in New York City and a silver medal at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Chicago.

Her duties at the CCC included teaching at Kansas State University, the Kansas City Art Society and the West Kansas Arts Council. She has also taught at Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas, and Kansas University in Wichita.

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Lovella Kelly, who was instrumental in starting the sculpture walk with her late husband Ron, is seen walking in her hometown of Hutchinson. Scarborough lives in Round Rock, Texas, but has visited Hutchinson and is an active member of the Hutchinson Arts Council and the Kansas Arts Commission. Her works include sculptures, murals, ceramics and other works of art, as well as sculptures and sculptures from other countries.

With skillful brushwork and drawing from her life experiences, images emerge in which the viewer really feels at one with the subject. She paints fishermen and photographers who also gather at the Dillon Nature Center, and other subjects.

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More About Hutchinson